1. Use non plastics for your travel needs
2. Always drop waste in Dustbins
3. Save water
4. Please do not pollute the air with smoke and chemicals
5. Please avoid spitting in public places
6. Please do not damage plants and forest
7. Do not drop food particles and waste on back waters
8. Please Avoid Sound pollution.
9. Do not litter anywhere to avoid air pollution & accidents
10. Save electricity today for tomorrow.


Special Request to our Clients / Service Seekers

Royal Leisure Tours is an organisation with a difference. We are not an ordinary commercial venture selling tour packages for profit; instead, ours is a firm with educated and sensible employees who believe in selling experiences, keeping in mind todays environmental condition. We are commited to Eco-Tourism policies so that we can leave behind a beautiful country for our next generation. Please always remember that we are living at the generocity of the past generations.

Royal Leisure Tours always discourage the use of plastics, loud music, detergents and chemicals and wastage of water. We humbly request our clientele to help us in our mission to protect the environment.

Remember that
your small action can
make a big difference in our environement..!