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St. Thomas Mount





St. Thomas mount church is a small church dedicated to Our Lady of Expectation.It is a small hillock located near guindy Chennai Close to the Airport.


St. Thomas mount is assossiated with St.Thomas the Apostle of  Jesus Christ who is believed to have been martyred here.



The mount is known as Parankimalai, or Periyamali in Lacal language Tamil.The Church build by Portuguese in 1923  stand at the summit of the 300 foot hight St.Thomas Mount.


The Apostle used to pray on the hill here and belive that he was assassinated by a shot of an arrow in ad 72, by persons hostile to him.Thus the hillock acquired the name St. Thomas Mount.


Timing : 

06.00 AM  to 08.00 PM 

No  Holidays

Entry  Free
















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