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Tamilnadu, the land of the ‘Tamils and Temples’ is the Gateway of South India. It lies on the eastern coast at the southern tip of the Indian Peninsula. It has everything that interests a tourist --- clean and quite hill stations,Green vegetable fields, beautiful beaches, magnificent temples, with towering Gopurams, waterfalls, historical monuments, art and culture.


Chennai the fourth largest city in India, Chennai is the seat of culture and learning in south India. It is also the third largest commercial and industrial centre and the automobile capital of India.laying on the Coromandel coast of Bay of Bangal, it is a city famous for its beaches ,historical monuments and its rich cultural heritage, It is home to one of the world longest beaches, the 21 km long Marina Beach.




Royal Leisure Tours help the world discover the wonder that is India.  We help you cherish your tour memories linger in your minds, nay, in your life itself, whether it be bathing in the holy waters of our sacred rivers, enjoying the luxuries of the house boats  in the back waters of Kerala ,or refreshing hill stations of the Western Ghats, the exotic beaches of our coast, or pilgrimaging through the holy shrines across the country.  Trust us to discover the real beauty and serenity of this noble land of sages and sadhus, of Mahatmas and Gurudevs, of scholars and laymen.  Join us to enjoy the secrets of beauty hidden in the flora and fauna of India.

Let your impulse to wander through such a fascinating land be attained always through Royal Leisure Tours .......

When it comes to a matter of choice of taste & View.... trust us, trust the hospitality of Royal Leisure Tours.

We offer unparalleled holiday offers to anywhere in India.

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Tamilnadu Tourism




Explore the cities of Tamil Nadu like Chennai, Madurai, Mahabalipuram with Tamil Nadu tourism. These cities of Tamilnadu are treasure trove to numerous colonial structures built in Dravidian style of architecture. Plethora of ancient monuments and temples has its own story of artistic and cultural achievement. Pristine beauty of hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal leaves the visitors mesmerized.


The mosaic festivals like Karthigai Deepam, Pongal and lot more describes the mystique believe of the Tamil Nadu people. Tamilnadu tourism also offer info on popular dance form like Bharat Natyam which talks a lot about the Tamilnadu culture.


The longest Marina Beach, Kanyakumari beach, Rameshwaram beach awaits the beach seekers to enjoy memorable beach vacations here. Henceforth, take some time out from your busy schedule and plan for Tamilnadu tour to explore the exquisite Tamilnadu tourism places with Tamil Nadu tourism.